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Digital Marketing Portfolio

Team creating client journey with marketing funnel
Creating a positive customer journey by attracting clients with product branding and content to draw them to and through a marketing funnel. Good reviews from customers, colleagues, employees help with branding to draw client to supplier and
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I am a Digital Marketer who loves driving clients through the marketing funnel to attract clients, providing insightful sought-for information and products, and attaining business goals.

To me, it’s all about understanding the client’s journey, and determining what they need in the various stages of their decision-making cycle. delivering SEO-optimized content providing the client with information that

Let’s talk to determine what your needs are and how we can work together to deliver a solution that meets your business’s goals. I look forward to teaming up with you!


What I do

Create Great Client Experiences

Creating client personas that describe the person Whatwho the business wants to attract is of utmost importance when developing the marketing funnel and product materials.

Brand Development

Work with business owners to create a clear business vision and goal. Help to create Facebook business pages, Google Business pages, logos and icons to make their businesses identifiable and relateable.

Develop Content Management Strategies

Develop content that the client relates to and helps them move through the marketing funnel to the business’s end goal.

Gettting attention

It’s all about Google and raising your company to the top of the Search Engine Results. Identifying and using keywords that the client would use to locate the business’s services or products is important to getting ranked.

Blogging and Content Management
Marketing Funnels and Google Analytics
Website Development
Creating informative content-driven SEO websites
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Graphics and Social Media

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