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Graphic Designs

Below are graphic designs samples for LinkedIn, banners, Instagram, and Logos! Contact Jen Green Digital Marketing Designs for help with your projects!

Instagram post that was part of NJIT CAPStone project to increase clicks to SassyFeet’s website and purchase shoes and clothing. This Instagram posting was used by the client.


MrCogFit is a blog that is maintained by an East Stroudsburg University student, Jabien Rosario. He is a pro-science advocate discussing nutrition and exercise through the lens of psychology and philosophy.

Grey B
Thriving with CAPD Logo

Logo for my WordPress website on surviving with a learning disorder called Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Thriving with CAPD is a website for parents to share experiences and products that can help children with the Central Auditory Processing (CAPD) learning disorder to succeed in school and with their daily interactions with their classmates and teachers. The challenge and struggle is real!

Nurit’s Healing Logo

Nurit is a freelance client who needed help maintaining her WordPress website. My support includes posting blogs, creating a service page, and handling comments from her blogs. I also created a Google My Business page for her wellness business.